We’ve all been watching the news in horror and shock at the magnitude of devastation of the horrendous situation in Ukraine, with the ongoing invasion. So many people were suddenly having to flee for their lives – and we all looked on feeling helpless, many of us sending money and supplies but wanting to do so much more. So here at REAL Jobs, we’ve made it our job to help displaced Ukrainians, point them in the right direction for sponsorship and the right job for them, to help continue with their lives as undisrupted as possible. 

Register your details with REAL Jobs to get help with employment in the UK

Banking Choices

Starling Bank offers a banking solution that suits Internationals – not just the UK. Take a look at Starling Bank by clicking the button below!

Revolut have waived transfer fees for sending money to a Ukrainian bank account, whilst supporting the Ukrainian Humanitarian fund.

They’ve also provided information on how to get a bank account whilst being located outside of Ukraine.

Monzo is another banking solution that offers easy-to-setup bank accounts for Internationals, not just Uk citizens. International bank accounts are great – not only for the UK, but for banking internationally.

Registering Your Details With The NHS

As per the Government guidelines, “all Ukrainians arriving in the UK will be able to access NHS healthcare free of charge, including GP and nurse consultations, hospital services, and urgent care centres”, which means there’s no need to worry about healthcare once you arrive in the UK. The only thing you need to do is register your details with the National Health Service (NHS), which you can do by visiting a local General Practitioners Office (GPs Office), which are also part of the NHS.

Step 1

Arrive In The UK

Step 2

Find Your Local GP

Step 3

Fill In Your Registration Form

Emergency Services & useful Contacts

To make sure you stay safe, protected and looked after during your time here in the UK, here are some emergency contacts that you may need, such as the Police, Fire Rescue Services & Healthcare numbers.

The Police have several numbers, but we’re going to focus on the 2 most important public facing numbers. 999 is the number for emergencies or life-threatening situations only. 101 is the number for non-emergencies or life-threatening situations.

The NHS has a variety of numbers, but again we’re focusing on the 2 most important public-facing numbers. 999 is the emergency number, whilst 111 is the non-emergency number, for non-life threatening situations such as treat-at-home illnesses.

Samaritans are available on 116 123. Samaritans offer a safe place to talk any time you like, on your own terms. The service was founded in 1953 in London by a vicar called Chad Varah who wanted to help people in distress but who had nowhere else to turn. More than 20,000 people volunteered for the Samaritans in 2017, and a call is made to the service every six seconds.

Calls placed to the Samaritans are not shown on phone bills.

Available on 0800 111 999, this service is operated by SGN, the gas emergency number is a toll-free number for people who smell gas or are worried about a gas emergency. The SGN agent will ask a series of questions to ascertain the severity of the situation, before offering advice and sending help when it is required.

Citizens Advice is a service that offers advice about a wide variety of different issues that concerns everyday life and citizens. The number is 0800 144 8848.

Freedom From Torture provide therapy and support for survivors of torture in the UK.

If you want to learn more, visit: https://www.freedomfromtorture.org/help-for-survivors/therapy-and-practical-help


The UK can be a very complicated place to live – but it doesn’t have to be. With a population of over 67 million people, the UK is home to many great cities, towns and villages, and you certainly have a wide variety to choose from – wherever your sponsors are located. We’ve come up with a really handy #LivingInTheUK guide to help you with the do’s and dont’s of UK life!


Be sure to stand on the right hand side of escalators, use the left hand side if you're walking up!

Food Banks

If you're struggling for food, food banks are widely available to help you get food instead of struggling with no help.


Typically speaking, buses do not generally accept cash anymore. They accept contactless card payments or travel cards.


The UK has a wide variety of supermarkets. The best supermarkets for value are ALDI and LIDL, whilst the most expensive ones are Waitrose and Marks & Spencers. Tesco, ASDA and Sainsburys are mid-range supermarkets.

Driving In The UK

If you have a valid driving licence and are driving in the UK, make sure you follow the UK laws for driving, and stick to the left hand side of the road!

Questions To Ask Your Sponsor

We’ve devised a few questions for you to ask your sponsor, just to clarify where and what living conditions you’ll be faced with during your stay in the UK. Typically speaking sponsors will have to provide a good level of living conditions, but it’s best to find out before arriving!


Make sure you know as much details about the accommodation as possible, i.e. sleeping arrangements, bathroom arrangements/size, living conditions, property features (garden, private space). If you have pets you will also need to ensure pets are allowed.


Be sure to confirm what amenities are available to you, for example electronics like televisions or even WiFi, allowing you to video call home with ease.


Find out what local transport routes are like, and what form of transport is on offer – like trains, buses, car pools, rent-a-bike etc.

Rules & Respect

It is advised to understand what type of household you’re entering, in regards to whether you need to adhere to any rules, such as no alcohol, no smoking, no guests etc.

Financial Contributions

Your sponsors will receive a gift for sponsoring you to stay with them, but it is best to understand if any financial contribution is required during your stay, just to be crystal clear on expectations, for things like utilities, household bills etc..


The UK has a set of standardised employment rights, called statutory employment rights. These are, at a minimum, what should be protecting you from things like: pay below minimum wage, no holiday entitlement, illegal working hours, sick pay entitlement – amongst much more. 

Language Support

To help with learning the English language, we advise using a free solution such as Duolingo, which is designed to help you master any language from the comfort of your own space and time. Learn on the go or in the comfort of your bed – it really doesn’t matter, with Duolingo the power of learning languages is at your fingertips! Duolingo is a fee-to-use service, but to get the most from Duolingo – then a paid version is available.

Resumes/Curriculum Vitae

REAL Jobs specialise in recruitment – which also covers Resumes, or Curriculum Vitae’s – otherwise known as CVs in the UK. This is a document that you produce and submit to potential employers to try and persuade them to give you an interview – if they like the look of your resume, your education and your experience. 

We will help you write your resumes, and find the job that best suits you!

How Employers Can Help Ukrainians

We’ve all watched the horrors in Ukraine unfolding on our TV screens.
Now is the time to take action. 🇺🇦
We’re asking that you, as an ethical employer who is actively recruiting, to get in touch – so that we can start building a future for displaced Ukrainians, together. 

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