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Ethical employers for #JobsForUkraine! 🇺🇦

REAL Jobs have launched an initiative called #JobsForUkraine, whereas we help displaced Ukrainians find employment during their refuge in the UK. We need your help, as employers, to find a place in your business for displaced Ukrainians, to help build a better, safer & healthier future for them. All you need to do is simply fill in the contact form below and then one of the REAL Jobs team will be in touch to guide you through the process of hiring from our roster of displaced Ukrainians.

"My partner and I signed up to become a host for two Ukrainian refugees and were matched with two people needing help who are currently sheltering in Warsaw awaiting their visas.

They were at high risk of exploitation from unscrupulous employers, so I made the decision to offer them both jobs helping other Ukrainians find suitable jobs with ethical employers.

#JobsforUkraine was born and we're astounded with the skills and experience of the refugees that we're seeing on a daily basis."

Tom Ward, Managing Director @ REAL Jobs

Get in touch with REAL Jobs to help recruit displaced Ukrainians.

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