New London Lionesses – REAL Jobs sponsor women’s football team.

a women's football team sponsored by REAL Jobs

We stand in solidarity with empowering women not just in the workplace but in all under-represented areas, including sports. This is why for us, supporting a local women’s football team, given the opportunity was nothing but common sense.


Taking some time out to visit the London Lionesses, we spoke with Ania and Glenn who run the football club and also some of its members at a practice session last week. From this short encounter alone it’s clear to see the club has truly started something beautiful for the empowerment and advantage of talent bestowed yet often overlooked in women.


The New London Lionesses, now in its 8th year welcomes people of all skill levels, priding themselves in welcoming new beginners and experienced members alike. Throughout the year and progressing through the ranks, it’s truly exciting to see the potential of the team over the years to come.

Ania spoke of how it was her brother’s influence that football became something of a passion, talented in other sports, it was coming to London and the development of The New London Lionesses that captivated her passion for football. Speaking of the lessons learned through playing women’s football that could be applied to day-to-day work, Ania states that handling defeat was a big deal. Networking also is a huge thing that stands out as the team welcomes players from far and wide, women from Canada, Spain and Mexico being just a few.

Ingrid, now in her seventh season with The New London Lionesses, found her love through football playing with her cousins from a young age. The team brings her an environment where she can surround herself with good people, which she feels aids her self-improvement. Ingrid also spoke of the overall organisation of the team – Which was apparent by the smooth running of the training session.

Sarah found her love for football under the inspiration of a teacher in school, a female figure that has inspired her to her now the sixth season in The New London Lionesses. Sarah spoke of how playing with the team aided her confidence boost, and self-motivation and commented on how the team aspect and team building as a whole was something special about the team.

When given the space and the safe environment, The New London Lionesses truly captivates how important it is to give women a safe path to explore predominantly male-dominated sectors. Seeing the welcome of a first-time playing this session, it should be noted how instantly welcome and comfortable they become- The team pride itself on having something for everyone, giving everyone an opportunity.

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